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  • photo identify of flower

    I know there are apps that can identify flowers and plants.
    can uppy have this ability some time down the line?

    it doesn’t need to identify cannabis buds from there name but what if uppy can identify a Indica or Sativa strain?

    Say a friend gives my some flower. They don’t know what strain it is and I’m into more CBC cannabis.

    i just take out my phone load up uppy take a photo and the app can tell me what strain it is.

    just wondering- @Chad A @Meni Morim

    cheers - Julian
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    Hi Julian,
    Thanks for bringing this up!

    Technically, from a machine learning perspective, this is doable. the success will be limited, meaning we are not likely to succeed in 100% of the cases, and it would be near impossible to identify a hybrid strain - but we could theoretically build a computer vision model that can distinguish between a Sativa and Indica strain.

    that being said however, this will not be an easy exercise. we'll need a lot of data - in the form of images that we know are either Sativa or indica - which we'll feed the algorithms to "teach" them. then, we'll need to run the model on "unknown" images, and have a human verify if the algorithm guesses correctly.

    Since this is very time consuming and costly, we have to weigh it against the business value of such a tool. Considering legalization in Canada and the movement around the world, most cannabis purchased will be properly tested, labeled, and tracked using a seed-to-sale system - so customers will know not only the strain name, but the THC/CBD content. This would make the feature less valuable in the future than it is now.

    Hope that makes sense?



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      There's some people out there that claim that at the genetic level, the distinction between indica and sativa doesn't exist anymore due to years of crossbreeding. Unless you have an original phenotype, distinguishing between sativa and indica is now meaningless and is only used to arbitrarily categorize the broad effect of the strain in question, and that future advertising using these terms should/will disappear. I can't answer to the legitimacy of these claims, but how do you answer to this? It's a relevant issue in the discussion of photo-identifying indicas vs sativas