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Online Marketplace for smaller LPs (Similar to the Craft Beer Phenomenon)

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  • Online Marketplace for smaller LPs (Similar to the Craft Beer Phenomenon)

    The retail and medical MJ market will be dominated by the larger LPs. Their plans to have brick and mortar stores where allowed is robust and expensive. The smaller LPs cannot afford brick and mortar and many will be forced to beg a bigger LP to buy them out or just get crushed out of the market. Big alcohol dominated their market for decades but the desire for something better was born at a local level and has recently taken sizeable market share away from those big companies, Craft Beer.

    That’s where you guys can come in. Be a marketplace for all the small LPs that don’t have partnerships with the larger LPs. That way the small LPs can focus on what is unique about their particular product vs the mass produced generic offerings from the large LPs. But just like Craft Beer, packaging and marketing are the key to selling beyond taste and word of mouth. But don’t rely on them to do the branding/marketing on your website. You may need your own graphic design department/professional photographer to assist with the look and unique qualities of each product. Looking at endless pics of white jars or blank packaging on your website is not appealing. Look at the other LP websites and you can see how some make products stand out that would all look the same in/out of their containers. Even a landscape pic can differentiate one item from the next.

    I personally think the branded brick and mortar stores will be successful at first but will eventually close and give way to stores that offer a wider selection of product. There are no branded beer/wine/liquor stores from the producers or any other beverage/food item.
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    I saw this on another website. It looks like Health Canada restricts how you package/market products so you will have to work within the bounds set forth by HC:

    “the manufacturers are prohibited from differentiating their products in terms of price, appearance, or quality. Since Canopy has been in the cannabis industry for a while, its products stand out due to their superior quality and reliability. But with these new regulations, the company may not be able to differentiate its products due to similar appearances and may end up losing customers to its competitors.”


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      In reference to my post in October, I’m glad that you guys are pursuing this. Each Craft LP will be unique and their products limited. You can take advantage of this by using “Limited”, “Reserve”, “Spring Mix”, “Fall Edition” or use the name of the particular Mountain, Meadow, Stream, old Mining Town, etc. Supply won’t matter as these will be advertised as Limited thus protecting the small LPs from the pressure from needing to grow product fast (pumped full of fertilizer), weather issues, crop losses, etc and allow them to maintain a high rate of quality control. Product from a particular region might produce a different health benefit due to the water sources, temperature, season, etc. Your approach to aid these smaller LPs is ground breaking. While I am critical of other aspects of the business, I think you are on the right path here.


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        Thank you for your feedback and support, I will pass it on to our management team. If you have any specific questions that I'm able to answer I'd be happy to help.

        Best regards