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    Canopy Growth is selling products from Aphria, Organigram,CannaFarms, and Broken Coast totaling 38 products. Why aren’t you offering more products? What aspect of the law prevents you from selling Accessories on CannMart or even posting a link to your vaporizer site? CBD oil is a huge aspect of the medical market yet you don’t offer this either. I think you have a goal of being “Your Everything Cannabis Store” but to keep claiming you currently are is a very far stretch.

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    On last 420, Sean said they should have 50 products by year end. Even a good possibility of having oils (imported from Australia) by end of year.
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      I hope so. I know things take time but the medical side had nothing to do with legalization so it seems like they were late in the game applying for these licenses. Maybe buying a smaller LP would have helped. To say “We Are” your everything Cannabis store when they just laid the foundation even led Forbes into thinking these guys were further along. I invested in “We Are” not a bunch of promises being dreamed up on 420s. A bit frustrating to say the least to find out they weren’t anywhere close.


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        I usually don't respond to things like this BUT I will call out people time to time......I think all the "I want big trade gains and I want them NOW" investors need to take a step back and realize that this Company started in a garage in Florida. We have the opportunity to invest in an exciting and rapidly-growing Company that will dominate a new and exciting rapid-growing industry - and that Company and industry is still in the start-up/infancy stage. True investors see the long-term vision. What other multi-national beasts started off in a garage? Look it up. 420s are great, but people need to do their own due diligence.

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        Products is one thing but Namaste has many more registered users/patients than Canopy. That must amount to something for the medical side at least.

        I think it is better to ramp up slowly and do little things well rather than a lot wrong. Sean did mention on a 420 that first impressions are important and given Cannmart has only just began operations it's best not to overwhelm them operationally and mess up that first impression for a customer that could contribute recurring revenue for years to come.

        I would also like to know more about the integration of the sites and why there aren't vapes being sold or linked to on Cannmart website.

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      Nowhere in my comments did I mention stock price or gains. The stock price is irrelevant to me right now as I am a long term investor and even though the stock is down, my investment is not (I’ve held through all the euphoric stock price increases and subsequent declines). My comments are based on the business fundamentals. The goals set forth by the company are exciting but claiming they’ve already achieved certain things when they have not is worth noting. There are glaring questions and concerns that are ignored during the 420s which many times sound like a high school kid boasting about all the things he’s going to do when he grows up.

      The ecommerce world moves fast and competition is fierce. There are companies that can sell medical, recreational, CBD, telemedicine, etc that aren’t going to sit idly by and let Namaste own the market. They aren’t claiming to be your ‘Everything’. Talk is cheap. Amazon doesn’t even brag about being your ‘Everything’ store. The biggest threat to Namaste will be the sleeper ecommerce company you’ve never heard of yet because they are quietly doing the same thing.

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        Thank you for your message, we appreciate your feedback and concerns. More products are being added to the site, vaporizers and accessories will be included. Oil is in stock and will go on sale in the next several weeks. We are working to expand the offering and will be bringing in more vendors as we grow. Compliance has been key in the set up of Cannmart as we are the first to have a sales only licence, by the end of 2018 we intend to have the largest selection of legal cannabis online. If you have any questions otherwise please let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

        Best Regards