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    I was happy to see CannMart launched today, but incredibly disappointed in the wording, language, sentence structure, grammar, etc. Do you have an english-speaking person working with you on this? I offer my services if you need to hire someone with excellent grammatical and editing skills. Honestly, I'm a huge supporter but there are serious failings with the website. Some of the product descriptions are barely readable. I feel like we've just been punked! Did no one proof read anything?????
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    Alberta is not in the list of provinces when registering also. Also when you sign in to change your address there is no place to select any province.

    That account page is also coded to show your current address on one line, so on mobile devices it overlaps it over address text box. This needs to wrap to separate lines so it looks like a normal mailing address or keep it to one line with ..... And set some padding after the colon

    Same page there is a line for phone number which I added during registration but isn't showing there at all.

    Instagram icon is a dead link. And your missing the Twitter icon.

    On the homepage under featured brands, these are clickable links that only reload the homepage. These should take you directly to that companies product. Yes I tested all of them.

    Once registered and logged in it will allow me to click on become a patient. I have already done this it should take me to a page that says your application has been recieved and you will be notified in xxx hrs. Or just no longer be there. Also once it takes you the patient registration page for the second time all the menu links do not work. You can only click the CannMart logo to go back to the homepage.

    Not trying to bash and I'm still holding shares and will continue too. But many here would have signed an NDA to look through the site before launch. Fresh eyes and all. With 30+ developers on this for months was really expecting a more robust launch

    Not to plug another site but that is what a 1B company should look like and should have been achieveable with all the devs and dev time that has been referenced too.

    Can we expect to see all the apps and stores pulled into one site soon? I want to put in 1 order on one site and get my cannabis, vape products, grow products, swag all in one easy experience.
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      I'm sure you guys have worked really hard just to get the site to this point, so first, let me say thank you for that. I'm still a believer in the mission and vision of the company.

      That said, I do see a few issues:

      1. I uploaded a photo of a grammatical error in the FAQ section.

      2. The light coloring and light text together make some things a little difficult to read.

      3. Adding some information on the types of strains (as well as terpene information) to the FAQ would be a nice touch.
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        Also, maybe this should move to the general discussion or have it's own space?


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          i have just been informed that your website development team are based in europe and non-english speaking countries. this is a serious mistake, imho. you are an e-commerce company, how could you possibly not be using english-speaking (as a native tongue) people to develop your website? i don't get it. actually feeling like, i dunno, i made a mistake in investing? i'm not there yet, but seriously disappointed today. why don't you have canadians working to develop your e-commerce platform. isn't that a no-brainer???


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            I had seen a quick peak at the launch of the site...

            I'm a web designer and graphic designer... the images loading time is long... should have a magnification on the product page so you can actually read the label on the jars... also should have a description on each product. The site link below is a good site in educating people on the different strains and how each type of strain has a infographic on how it affects you... also.. White type on soft light blue backgrounds not good for standards for people with visual impairment. This needs way more information to educate a lot of newbies in the marijuana market... the branding is bland.... and out of date already. Get some more contrast show Namaste as a number one amazon of the selling weed.

            Not saying the site below is that great but there is a load of content. You guys needs a boat load more content.



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              Take this as a reference on what to come in term of site update and iteration While the launch of CannMart wasn't as exhilarating as everyone had hoped. And yes I agree that first impression is also everything, but give them some breathing room I am sure they will get it corrected.
              Good things come to those who wait, Namaste.


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                Has CannMart started delivering today? If not, when?


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                  Is it legal to show the contents of the products? it so, the picture of contents of each container will be nice.


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                    When you set the brand filter to "Cannmart", the strains that show up are Canna Farms strains. Is that a coincidence or is there a typo in the filter list?